„Yesterday, I wanted to ask you something about microphones and recording, but decided to postpone it for today, so I could start the message in a cool way of

„UK : UCS (uncommon sense) – 2 : 0. Keep up the good work guys“.

But then, I red the morning news




(a very big pause)




Even though I’m in Serbia,

Even though Serbia is outside the EU,

Even though EU wouldn’t be thinking of accepting anyone new in a few years to come, even without all that Brexit jazz,

Even though we’re officially trying to get there for the last 16 years,

Even though I wouldn’t even like Serbia to get there, at least not until EU becomes more fairer inside and out,

Even though two-faced UK and EU have been backing up Separatism whenever it was against Serbian and Russian interests, but fought against it whenever it was for Serbian and Russian interests,




I was shocked and saddened by the news. With the whole history of GB politics in mind, from Post Roman period onward… I thought you guys would be less gullible and susceptible to propaganda and that you could see through reflective shades of Separatism and spot its glowing, green, evil eyes – and vote to remain in EU.

This might not be the last referendum now, neither in UK, nor in the rest of Europe. The painstakingly slow process of healing war wounds and gluing nations of Europe, one to another into something bigger and better than each one, to prevent further wars, have common market, freedom of movement, etc., might have just stopped and might revert back to lunacy in future.

At the example of SFR Yugoslavia, we’ve all seen what happens when some constituents of a club want more air while others think tighter hug is the cure for a crisis. My only hope is that Brexit leads to rethinking within EU on what EU should be like and decides for a less centristic club. And then spreads back all over the continent. Because strength is in numbers and without it, disunited nations of Europe will be bitten, swallowed and thrown up into the mud, by the big world players, whenever they feel like.

Oh the irony, the official language of a non-EU nation might be the lingua franca of Europe. How silly all the guys in Brussels will look, if they ever dare to use it.

P.S.: Sorry for the message, you’re the only Scottish I know and I needed to vent out somewhere. We’ll talk microphones later.“


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